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Unique Burger Options Near The Castle

Posted by editor on 06/22/15

Westchester is home to hundreds of top-rated dining options and Port Chester, home of The Castle, is the premiere spot in the county for delicious cuisine. Just in time for summer, Weschester Magazine published a list of “The Seven most Creative, Craziest and Downright Insane Burgers in Westchester” and guess what? Two places within a mile of The Castle made their list!

Vertigo Burger, Elevation Burger
The Vertigo doesn’t appear to have anything strange about it, it’s your typical appetizing beef patties with cheese; however, it’s the amount of beef patties that create all the buzz with this hamburger. Patrons can order an elevation up to 10 patties high, while most opt for the 3 or four patty option. Locals love this Westchester chain for not only the awe-worthy burgers, but the socialization ordering one creates. Customers are known to come in groups and have competitive eating contests between friends on who can finish their Vertigo Burger the fastest (or even finish it).

Rye Ridge South Shopping Center

176 S. Ridge St
Rye Brook
(914) 305-6700


The Entourage, Westchester Burger Co.

While most burger places usually opt to change up the contents of a burger, the bun usually remains the same. However, The Entourage at Westchester Burger Co completely changes this accepted notion. Instead of a bun, the Entourage’s patty is sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. And it’s not just any grilled cheese…it’s grilled cheese made with Texas Toast. Like the Veritgo Burger, this one is so massive it’s pretty much impossible to take a bite of the whole thing at once. While the meat may not be the main focus, after eating three sandwiches in one you’re sure to leave Westchester Burger Co feeling satisfied.

275 S. Ridge St
Rye Brook
(914) 305-6095