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Hosting Halloween at The Castle

Posted by editor on 10/27/16

Who said that Halloween is just for kids? This year you can have your own “haunted Castle” Halloween party at your apartment.  There’s many options to choose from when hosting a party such as a formal masquerade party, Victorian costume party or just a good-old fashion spooky get together with some friends.  You can have fun on any budget if people are in the Halloween spirit and come in costume.  Below are some great ideas to help you prepare for your festive evening.

For a Halloween party, finger-food is usually the best bet.  Since it’s a night where most indulge in sweets, we suggest fun cupcakes, Jell-O shots, etc.  Your friends will also enjoy snacking on grotesque veggie dip, frankentreats and spider pizza bagels.

As far as drinks you can get fun glasses for each of your guests at the dollar store (less dishes too) and make some tasty mysterious drinks. Sangria would be a good choice since you can make it ahead of time and it’s always a crowd pleaser! Feel free to add in a few eyeballs or other fun Halloween treats.

We also found some simple decorating tips for your apartment.  Before your party you can decorate or carve pumpkins and place them on the table where your snacks will be.  To add a spooky ambiance, you can hang purple lights around the living room or kitchen and get inexpensive flicking lights for your bedroom.  You can create a “killer” photo booth as well so your friends have memories of the evening.

Need some Halloween music but lacking inspiration other than The Monster Mash? Don’t forget to add a Halloween station to your Pandora playlist for the night!